Governance Enterprise Architecture - GEA

GEA is a modeling effort which aims at introducing a consistent set of object and process models that describe public administration in a generic fashion. A key aspect of GEA is that it attempts to be technology-neutral, thus being applicable to different technological environments. GEA proposes object and process models for the overall governance system, covering two major areas: public policy formulation and service provision.

In fact, the following models are proposed by GEA:

  • The Object Model for the Overall Governance System
  • The Process Model for the Overall Governance System
  • The Object Model for Public Policy Formulation
  • The Object Model for Service Provision (Public Service Model)
  • The Process Model for Public Policy Formulation
  • The Process Model for Service Provision

GEA, and the Public Service Model in particular, has been used, validated and further extended in EU-PUBLI.COM IST FP5 Project and in the SemanticGov and OneStopGov IST FP6 Projects. Moreover, GEA has been combined with the WSMO Framework for expressing public administration specific semantics in Semantic Web Services. The result of this exercise is the WSMO-PA specification. Finally, the Public Service Model is currently used by the Cypriot Government in order to document more than 100 public services.